Speech Theraphy

Speech Therapy for Children

  • Is your two year-old child not using two word phrases yet?

    As children of this age are not able to do direct therapy, work is done though Parent-Child Interaction advice and practice.

    Is your child’s speech difficult to understand?

    Some children find it difficult to develop the full range of speech sounds needed to speak clearly. Speech Therapy can help Is your child having difficulty learning to read. If your child’s speech was unclear when they were younger, they may not be able to manipulate sounds well enough to decode for reading. I can assess this ability and give advice for home and school

    Where can I find out more about children’s speech and language?

    More information about Speech, Language and Communication needs for children can be found on talkingpoint.org.uk


    Can my child have both private and NHS therapy?

    Yes they should be able to.

    I am keen to work closely with any NHS Speech and Language Therapist that is working with your child and will need permission from you for this. We will decide how we will work together. Sometimes this may mean the NHS therapist might take the lead, sometimes they may concentrate on school and I may work with you at home.