Skin camouflage

Skin Camouflage What do we treat?

Everyone. These products are not “average” make up products. They can be used on men, women and children. I will treat children from the age of 8 years.

Beard stubble can be  colour matched and stippled in.

Skin camouflage techniques can be used over a number of non-infectious skin conditions, however, always seek medical confirmation on appropriate use. These include:

·         Erythema (where the affected skin is redder than the surrounding)

·         Hyperpigmentation (where the affected skin is darker than the surrounding)

·         Hypopigmentation (where the affected skin is pale to the surrounding)

·         Depigmentation (where the affected skin has no pigment whatsoever)

·         Scarring resulting from trauma caused by accident, violence (including self-harm), surgery (including reconstructive and cosmetic procedures); providing the wound is “healed and sealed”. Skin camouflage should not be applied directly over a burn injury but may be used over skin grafts which have completely healed post burn injury or removal of a skin cancer.


Conditions treated:

Scars, vitiligo, rosacea, hypo/hyper pigmented skin conditions, chloasma, melasma, birthmarks, thread veins (telangiectasia), bruising, age spots (lentigines) and solar lentigo and Port wine stains.

What cannot be treated?

Open wounds, viral or fungal infections, dermatitis, allergic reactions, skin cancers, contagious illnesses affecting the skin such as chicken pox or measles. In my time as NHS practitioner, I do not have experience in covering tattoos.



Perfection cannot be promised but the closest match will be a mutually agreed result. In order to get the closest match, please attend as naturally as possible. Skin tone can only be matched to the colour already available so fake tan and natural sun tans do not provide the most lasting colour match response. 

Please bring your own make up if you will need to replace it after your consultation.