Skin camouflage


The consultation

Your appointment will last approximately 1 hour. It will include taking a short history from you.

I will colour match your skin to the appropriate skin tone. There are several stages required in order to produce the most natural and lasting result, these techniques will be taught throughout the process. We will discuss the removal of these products.

This is an informal consultation, allowing plenty of opportunity to ask questions throughout your appointment.

Appointments are available on Wednesday mornings and Saturdays on request



The products used are available on NHS prescription, can be bought online or bought from pharmacies.

These are specially formulated products that are hypo-allergenic.

They are high in pigment, meaning they have more colour than average beauty based foundations and concealers. This results in a more uniform even skin tone.

When the colour match has been achieved, you will be given the information so thatyou can obtain these items.

Brands used are:



Colour Mark