What to expect

At your first appointment with Claire, she will take you through a detailed review of your case history, to find out all about you, your health, your lifestyle, and your diet. A diet diary is often used to get some really useful information to help develop and personalise your individual treatment plan.


As all people and cases are different, so will all appointments be. Naturopathy is very individualised in its approach, depending upon you the patient.  Sometimes it will be necessary for Claire to do some diagnostic tests such as taking blood pressure, or testing your nervous system to help make a diagnosis and to aid the treatment plan.


After the initial consultation and diet diary are completed, Claire will provide a personalised treatment plan for you. This is likely to involve altering your diet and nutrition, exercise habits, sleeping pattern, relaxation and stress management. This will be reviewed and discussed at the next appointment. Follow up appointments are then patient and case specific. Claire recognises that lifestyle and dietary changes are very difficult to implement and take time. In order to facilitate the change, Claire will provide full support throughout.