What do we treat?

Anti-Smoking Therapy

A recent study by the New Scientist at the University of Iowa, which covered 72,000 smokers/ex-smoker from America and Europe, concluded that hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking. The reasons are endless for someone starting smoking, but whatever they are the subconscious mind will always promote this dangerous habit, simply because when you first started smoking the chemicals replicate the "feel good" hormones we produce naturally in the brain. Over the years a smoker would have stored lots of self programming beliefs like "I need cigarettes to help me relax" or "It's hard to stop" when in fact smoking is a major cause of anxiety and depression today. Smoking is a subconscious habit, therefore, during the hypnotic state we can access the information regarding smoking and those past beliefs can be replaced with new ones like "you are a non-smoker", "you no longer need, like or desire to smoke". The most important factor in the success of your therapy is that you have a 100% intent, commitment and desire to stop smoking. Remember if there is one hint of doubt, then the subconscious will protect those past beliefs that you like and want to smoke, and this affects the success of your therapy. Anti-Smoking therapy only takes one session. This lasts 1 ½ - 2 hours and costs £110. There is no need for a free initial consultation.

Weight Control

Food is strongly linked to our emotional minds. As we know, food is often associated to feelings of comfort or reward which makes us feel good about ourselves or the situation we are in. Serotonin, our natural happy drug, is known to be a major mood and behaviour regulator, which means if we are feeling depressed or anxious generally then it becomes more difficult to take control of our eating habits. Within hypnotherapy we are dealing with matters of anxiety, depression or compulsion generally, and this allows us to tackle weight control at two stages - firstly as with most treatments we aim to reduce the general anxiety/depression of the client. Secondly we start working with increasing the client's focus and commitment. Remember - we are all individuals and will need a tailored programme, and this will always reflect and focus on what you want to achieve.

Fears and Phobias

A phobia is an irrational fear of something, such as a insect, animal or situation. Phobias are different in degrees and forms and can be created around literally anything. Phobias are an extension of what is or is perceived to be potentially life threatening by our natural defence system. A simple phobia can be easily treated in a three session programme. Hypnotherapy is a safe and very effective way of addressing problems with phobic responses.

Confidence & Depression

Has depression ever got hold of you? We can all be prone to this when life gets too much for us. Depression is a physiological response to certain conditions: namely hopelessness and helplessness, which can be characterised by sleep disturbance, lack of energy, low mood, and persistent negative emotional disturbance. When depression hits it is an "opt-out" response to the feeling of being threatened which is fundamentally an anxiety based disorder. This often leaves the person feeling unmotivated, isolated and very often detached from life generally. Most depression can be treated effectively using solution focused therapies.

Anxiety & Stress

Have you ever encountered this? This is one of the most common complaints in today's society. We all need certain levels of stress in our lives - that's healthy. It is when those levels become excessive and is too much for us to cope with that they affect our quality of life. Excessive and prolonged stress may lead to illness and physical and emotional exhaustion, which can then lead to increased general anxiety or panic attacks. When this pressure become too much we tend to react in one of three ways, depression, anger, anxiety, or a combination of these three. Hypnotherapy enables you to have the ability to cope with life and different situations, in a calm, confident and effective way.

How can Hypnotherapy help me?

Hypnotherapy can help you with:

  • promote deep relaxation
  • help create positive changes
  • relieves stresses and stress-related conditions
  • relieves tension, anxiety and depression
  • aid pain relief, helps with child birth
  • Increases confidence and low self-esteem in social and professional situations
  • Public speaking and exams fears
  • Increased Motivation and performance in sport and business
  • Breaks negative fears and phobias, habits
  • Help control IBS, weight, and stop smoking and of course there is so much more...