A remarkably large number of patients we see have symptoms related to their posture at work.

From RSI, shoulder, low back and hip pain to knee, wrist pain and headaches their symptoms can be traced directly to their posture at work. Often the patient denies this posture where years of asymmetrical posture are perceived as normal.

The problem is initially often quite unremarkable, a slight lean or twist to one side to talk to a colleague or a monitor slightly off centre.

Over months though this will lead to muscular tensions and in turn to the foundations to more serious problems.

People often use an amazing array of equipment to patch up their workstations such as planks of wood, garden furniture, antique chairs, camping equipment and foam packing cases, knowing that there workstation is set up poorly but unable to get to the root of the problem.

Our practice has over 20 years experience in workstation advice.

We offer two ways of helping with workstation advice:

  1. During your treatment, finding the link between your complaints/ symptoms and your work posture. This may involve specific handouts, postural advice, exercises and explaining the link between posture and symptoms.
  2. Visiting your work place, and seeing first hand your working environment your posture and how you sit in relation to your desk. This often reveals that we miss in clinic, often because you're mental picture of your own work posture and desk set up is different from reality. Long term postural habits often fool the mind and poor posture becomes normal.Visiting your office will help us link your symptoms to your posture and change your workstation set up accordingly, supplying handouts and reports if needed.

We can either visit your office on a one to one basis or arrange group visits, please contact the practice for more information.